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Here you’ll find answers to the most-frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we'll gladly help by telephone or by e-mail.

Who can I contact regarding a defective product?

Please contact our Customer Hotline: 





+49 1805 - 64 66 66








+49 431 53 039 171

Where can I send a defective product?

Please do not send a product without prior discussion with the Customer Hotline. They will arrange for pick-up by a package delivery service.

Do I have a warranty claim if I acquired the product on Ebay?

Yes, if you have a sales receipt from our commercial customer.

For how long is the warranty valid?

The guarantee period is three years, beginning with the date of purchase. For proof of purchase date, please keep the receipt.
If needed, we support you with our reliable and competent hotline 365 days a year. Your concerns are important to us!
You can also easily send your question by e-mail.


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